Self-Service Gold Now Available! πŸŽ‰

A few weeks ago we made Pantheon Gold account plans available self-service on :clap: Previously, you would have been required to speak to someone our Sales team, but not anymore!

Pantheon Gold users can access technical assistance for setup, deployments, and optimization to ensure they are maximizing their use of platform features and generating valuable return on their platform investment. Amazing, we know! Now, your team can quickly try, and buy, the capabilities behind the success of the most agile and productive website teams, including:

  • Autopilot, to automatically detect, perform, test, and deploy updates for WordPress and Drupal content management systems (CMS), keeping sites secure and up to date while freeing teams from manual, tedious update cycles;
  • Custom Upstreams, to manage site portfolios at scale while enforcing standards and enabling customization; and
  • Multidev, to seamlessly collaborate on projects, iterate website experiences, and launch with confidence that the site won’t break in the process.
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